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My Old University

I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1996 with a degree in Computer Science from the College of Engineering. I have so many great memories from school that I wonder why I was so ready to get out of there my senior year. I was heavily involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, but that was only after a couple of years of feeling out who I really was. Think maybe that happens to just about everyone. While at school, I excelled at math and science and computers, and avoided all the humanities and social studies I could. Now, I have an interest in just about anything, but math and science are still at the top.

My Old High School

I attended Collinsville High School back in the days of no gangs and only a fledgling honors program. Basketball reigned then and still does now, but I was never into sports. No ability really, I was much more into the math team and physics club and Mu Alpha Theta. Also very into the theatre, even playing the lead in Twelve Angry Men and Bloody Jack my senior year.