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My Favorite Things

What I like...

  • Church — We love our church, and unless there's a very good reason, you'll find us there on Sunday mornings.
  • Family — I'm a family guy, what can I say. My wife, son, brother, parents are pretty much the most important people in my world to me.
  • Friends — We're quite the social creatures, having several big parties a year. Between those and monthly game nights at the Nenn's, and every other excuse we can find to have or attend a party, we're always up to something fun.
  • Kids — I love kids, even moreso now that I'm about to be a daddy. But they typically find me big and scary, so.....
  • Tasty Vitals — I love to eat. Me and food go way back. Check out some of the restaurants I love below.
  • Working Out — After having consumed much tastiness, I am in need of much exercise to not become much larger. To that end, I've loved my gym membership, and have been getting more into riding my bike. It's almost like I enjoy being outside. Just don't tell anyone!
  • Gaming — I'm big into video games, board games, strategy games, card games, you name it. Great way to enjoy time with friends.
  • TV and Movies — Faith and I love to veg out in front of a movie or our favorite TV shows. I guess I'm kinda a home body.

People I like...

Places I like...

  • The Nerdery — My office is here. My computers are here. My gaming tables are here. 'Nuff said.
  • The East Lobby at Church — Between services and serving, I love to sit in the east lobby with a latte, watch people, think and pray.
  • The Gym — Me time on a bike, the elipticals, or the weight machines.
  • Local Restaurants — I love to meet people for meals and just hang out.

Online Communities I like...

Facebook | LinkedIn | TechLore | MyAdventurers

Companies I like...

Capstone Consulting — Where I work. Strategic IT consulting, business intelligence, and custom application development and integration. Headquartered in Omaha, NE. Opening a new office in Chicago, IL.
McBride Music CompanyWoodwind and brass instrument repair company, owned and operated by a good friend of mine and brother in the Lord. He's a man of integrity with unparalleled work ethic, has decades of experience repairing instruments of many kinds, and truly loves his work. I deeply respect him, and am excited for the success of his company..
Rise Interactive — Rise Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency. Their goal is to drive the maximum number of customers to their customers at the most efficient price possible. They are also a technology company, investmenting heavily in in technology and home-grown methodologies to maximize their customers’ return on marketing investment.
The Gabriel Management Group — A St. Louis-based private equity firm, devoting their expertise, efforts, and resources to facilitate ownership transitions of established family-owned and privately-held enterprises in the small to middle market
37signals — A Chicago-based software company. They have produced fairly excellent project management, collaboration, customer management, calendar, and group chat online applications. 37signals pride themselves on helping businesses "get things done the simple way".

Churches I like...

Harvest Bible Chapel | Willow Creek Community Church | The Vine: A Christian Church

Restaurants I like...

Books and Authors I like (lately)...

Television I like...

Movies I like...

Games I like...

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