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I created and lead the following groups. Each of these groups was created to give a particular community the opportunity to connect and collaborate and serve each other professionally.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

I was heavily involved with InterVarsity both during and after college, having been a leader in my local chapter (Urbana-North chapter at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), attended School of Leadership Training (SLT) at Cedar Campus, attended the Urbana 1996 missionary convention, and led a number of tracks / groups at Metamorphosis and other conferences after graduation. When LinkedIn created their groups feature, I wanted to make sure there was a place for IVCF/IFES members and alumni to connect with each other on a professional level. My hope is that ultimately thousands of Christians who remain connected through IV will be able to serve one another through this group.

LinkedIn InterVarsity group

Illinois IT Association BI Roundtable

The Illinois IT Association creates a connection point for IT professionals in Chicagoland and throughout Illinois. I am the chairman of the ITA's Business Intelligence roundtable, one of many roundtable discussions hosted monthly to give like-minded IT business and leaders in Chicago an opportunity to collaborate. This LinkedIn group is for those who have attended the roundtable at least once and who wish to remain connected online. For more information about Chicago BI events, check out Capstone's events page.

LinkedIn ITA Business Intelligence Roundtable group

Omaha Business Intelligence Professionals

My company, Capstone Consulting hosts quarterly business intelligence summits in Omaha, NE, where our headquarters is located. These summits are focused on giving business and IT leaders an opportunity to collaborate on BI problems and strategies, and to work together to discover and develop solutions. This LinkedIn group grew out of these quarterly summits, and is aimed at creating an online community similar to the terrestrial BI summit community. For more information about Omaha BI events, check out Capstone's events page.

LinkedIn Omaha Business Intelligence Professionals group

A few other (carefully selected) groups to which I belong...

Harvest Bible Chapel

As an active member and deep appreciator of Harvest Bible Chapel, I belong to the following groups on Facebook and LinkedIn:

Facebook Harvest Bible Chapel Elgin group | LinkedIn Harvest Bible Chapel group

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

I am also a member of a whole host of other groups on Facebook for IV...

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship | Intervarsity Alumi of Illinois (90's) | "I love Cedar Campus"
CFW & Leadership Institute at Cedar Campus