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Church and Ministry

Harvest Bible Chapel

My wife and I currently attend Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin. It's a fantastic church. We have only been there since the beginning of 2008, and are just preparing now to go through the membership class. We love the hard-hitting Biblical teaching, and the expectation to grow and deepen our walk with Christ that we feel from all corners of the church. I have been volunteering with the children's ministry (the 4 yr olds) in preparation for having a son. I'm also in a men's group, and just beginning to serve at the coffee bar and welcome center. These are all fairly light weight and a refreshing change from the hard-core leadership I've been involved with over the last several years at former churches. I'm definitely excited to find where God leads us at Harvest.

The Vine: A Christian Church

In April 2006, I helped to launch a Christian church in Woodstock, IL called "The Vine". I was part of the core leadership group that designed and launched the church, and served as the Minister of Community Life until Faith and I moved on from the church at the end of 2007. My primary responsibility was over the small group ministry there, coaching and developing community group leaders, and generally helping to create Christian community.

Other churches and parachurches

Prior to getting married and launching the new church, I attended Willow Creek Community Church. There, I served as a coach in the finanacial ministry and as a teacher and facilitator in the spiritual gifts ministry.

While in college, I was actively involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Illinois. I also attended Twin City Bible Church, which is a non-demoninational church focused on being at the heart of U of I's campus.

I currently manage the InterVarsity professional group on LinkedIn, so if you were a part of IVCF or IFES and belong to LinkedIn, definitely join our group. We're still relatively small, but growing fast. My goal is clearly to create a community online where those of us who are bonded together by our common faith in Jesus and training in InterVarsity can help each other professionally.